We are never complain,and also never sad;but we know what we want to have;We don't konw what the failure is,but we know we must to try our best;We are confident,and never give up our dream。
      Our concerns is to concentrate to do things,and we have no time to hope what the fate will bring something to us .What we want to do is to aim at our destination ,and we never sad.If we have not died yet ,we will try our best to make us live more happily
What we ask us to do: insist on one thing
      2.the clear fighting aim
      3.promote our skills in playing games
      4.the strong dangerious realization
      5.Never look down upon ourselves
      6.Do stn flexibly
      7.The sprite of solidarity
      8.Always be dedicate
      9.known us and others
      10.The training ways of teaching others to fish
      11.Never eating the food handed out in contempt of the noble qualities